Start of something BIG!

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2017 opened on a pretty high-note for us here at SyncManage with the launch of our flagship module…TubeSync (as well as VimeoSync and WistiaSync as part of this SyncManage).

Let me first start out with some quick updates.

So far we have 40,805 videos backed up on more than 450 accounts. That’s a whopping 1,255 GB of storage space already used up.

Our journey to 10,000 GB storage is well underway – but more on that in another post.

Fortunately, our customers have been very forthcoming about new things they’d like to see in the platform, and we’ll oblige. One of these features is the ability for users to download a list in csv/pdf format of description and tag for each of their video.

The tech team is currently working on it and it should be done sometime this month.

We are also looking at an idea put forward by a user, to allow auto-backup of any new video added to your channel after you have connected that channel with TubeSync. We want to make the software as hands-off as possible. But at the same time, as you are aware, every backup eats into your storage space.

So remember to get more storage at SyncManage 🙂 Contact us here and tell us your requirement.
We want to give control to you…to be able to decide which video should be backed up and which shouldn’t be. So at the moment, we are brainstorming to find a way to balance the two.

There were few issues with “Failed” downloads. To fix this problem, we have added a new “Refresh” button using which, you can now queue up all “failed” downloads back to the download Queue. Check it out:

More power to you!
Another thing that bothered some of the TubeSync users was the fact that they couldn’t see the number of videos that have been downloaded and the number that was still pending.

The “Get Info” button now gives you an update on that whenever you like one.

We also received a few compliments on how easy it was to use TubeSync (and other video modules). Check out some of the testimonials:

At the start, like with everything else, we did see a rush of users wanting to backup loads of videos. The queues of videos waiting to be downloaded and uploaded were pretty long (felt
like we just released a new version of iPhone), so we had to procure extra IPs to speed up the queue.

Cheers to the support desk for working round-the-clock to help send updates to all the tickets received.

If you haven’t already purchased TubeSync or any other SyncManage modules, you can do so here.

P.S. I would also love an opportunity to get on a one-on-one call with you and get to know you better. Any ideas, thoughts, suggestions, stories you’d like to share…I would absolutely love the idea to connect.

So if you’ve got 15 minutes or so, let’s hop on a call. You can schedule one right here. Looking forward. Talk soon!